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American University

Academic Year: 
2019 - 2020

Department Name

Philosophy and Religion

Department Chair

Ellen Feder,

Degrees Offered

Non-Terminal Masters

Areas of Specialization Offered

Applied Ethics, Environmental Ethics, Bioethics, Ethics, Feminist Philosophy, Social and Political Philosophy, Philosophy of Race, Normative Ethics, Philosophy of Gender, Continental/European Philosophy (including Kant), Latin American Philosophy, Asian Philosophy, 19th/20th Century Philosophy, Ancient Philosophy

Financial Aid

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Students can be eligible for scholarships from over 10 donor funded accounts



Amy Oliver, Associate Professor
Andrea Tschemplik, Associate Professor
Anika Simpson, Visiting Associate Professor
Asia Ferrin, Assistant Professor
Cameron Bassiri, Professorial Lecturer
Debra Bergoffen, Bishop Hamilton Lecturer in Philosophy
Ellen Feder, Professor and Department Chair
Farhang Erfani, Associate Professor
Gershon Greenberg, Professor
Jeffrey Reiman, Professor Emeritus
Jin Park, Professor and Director of Asian Studies
Kelso Cratsley, Professorial Lecturer and Director of Graduate Studies
Lauren Weis, Assistant Professor
Martyn Oliver, Senior Professorial Lecturer and Director of Arab World Studies
Nabina Leibow, Professorial Lecturer and Director of CAS Leadership Program
Onaje Woodbine, Assistant Professor
Perry Zurn, Assistant Professor
Shubha Pathak, Associate Professor
Ian Rhoad, Professorial Lecturer



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Degrees Awarded

Ph.D. Tuition (US$ in FTEs)

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Program Strengths

The Department of Philosophy and Religion at American University has two MA degree programs, one in Philosophy (MA Phil) and another in Ethics, Peace, and Human Rights (MA EPHR). The M.A. in Philosophy has two tracks: on in History of Philosophy and another in Philosophy and Social Policy. The M.A. in Ethics, Peace, and Human Rights is offered jointly with American University's School of International Service and features six areas of concentration: Ethics of Development, Global Environmental Justice, Global Governance and International Organizations, Human Rights and Social Justice, International Economic Justice, and Peace and Conflict Resolution. Across these two programs we have faculty strengths in: 20th century continental philosophy, especially Derrida, Foucault, Merleau-Ponty, Sartre (Feder, Erfani, Liebow, Park, and Zurn) Feminist philosophy, critical gender and sexuality studies, and critical race theory (Feder, Liebow, A. Oliver, Simpson, Weis, and Zurn) Ethics and political philosophy (Bassiri, Berry, Cratsley, Erfani, Ferrin, Liebow, Tschemplik, Weis, and Zurn) Non-western philosophy: Asian philosophy, Latin American Philosophy, Jewish Philosophy, Africana Philosophy, Islamic Philosophy and East-West Comparative Philosophy (Greenberg, M. Oliver, A. Oliver, Park, Pathak, Woodbine)

Student Demographics

Master's Tuition (US$ in FTEs)

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Number of Required Courses: 
Additional Information: 
36 credit hours of approved graduate work are required for the MA in Ethics, Peace, and Human Rights, 33 credit hours of approved graduate work are required for the MA in Philosophy.

Master's Program Entry Requirements

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Types of Master's

Terminal Master's: 
Non-Terminal Master's: