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University of Southern California

Academic Year: 
2017 - 2018

Department Name

School of Philosophy

Department Chair

Scott Soames,
Distinguished Professor and Chair

Degrees Offered


Areas of Specialization Offered

Value Theory, Applied Ethics, Ethics, Social and Political Philosophy, Normative Ethics, Meta-Ethics, Philosophy of Law, Metaphysics and Epistemology, Philosophy of Religion, Metaphysics, Epistemology, Philosophy of Action, Philosophy of Language, Philosophy of Mind, Science Logic and Mathematics, Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Mathematics, Philosophy of Physics, Philosophy of Cognitive Science, Decision Theory, Logic, Philosophy Politics and Economics (PPE), History / Traditions, Early Modern Philosophy (17th & 18th Century), Continental/European Philosophy (including Kant), History of Philosophy, Ancient Philosophy

Financial Aid

Teaching Fellowships:
Non-Teaching Fellowships:
Teaching Assistantships:
Students teaching their own classes:
Other Financial Information:
Every admitted PhD student receives five years of guaranteed support, including at least three years of fellowship and two years of teaching assistantship. Students who meet departmental benchmarks for progress earn additional fellowship semesters, and further sources of competitive fellowship funding are available. Teaching assistants are supported by a robust system of graduate teaching mentors, and some students have the opportunity to teach their own course.



Jonathan Quong, Associate Professor
Gary Watson, Provost's Professor
Scott Soames, Distinguished Professor
Mark Schroeder, Professor
Jim Van Cleve, Professor
Kevin Robb, Professor
Sharon Lloyd, Professor
Zlatan Damnjanovic, Associate Professor
Robin Jeshion, Professor
Barry Schein, Professor
John Dreher, Associate Professor
John Hawthorne, Professor
Ed McCann, Professor
Stephen Finlay, Professor
Jacob Ross, Associate Professor
Janet Levin, Professor
Kadri Vihvelin, Professor
Shieva Kleinschmidt, Associate Professor
Ralph Wedgwood, Professor
Gabriel Uzquiano, Professor
David Wallace, Professor
Jeffrey Russell, Associate Professor
Andrew Bacon, Assistant Professor
Jeremy Goodman, Assistant Professor
Alexis Wellwood, Assistant Professor



Program Strengths

USC's PhD program has strengths in epistemology, metaphysics, philosophy of language, logic and philosophy of logic, moral philosophy, political philosophy, philosophy of law, philosophy of action, philosophy of physics, and early modern philosophy. Recent students have gone on to tenure-track or permanent positions in nearly all of these areas. ***Please note that because there is no non-intrusive way to collect student demographic data, we have elected to leave these fields blank. If you have any questions about diversity and inclusivity within our department, please feel welcome to reach out to our MAP representatives.

Student Demographics

Degrees Awarded

Ph.D. Tuition (US$ in FTEs)

Number of Required Courses: 

Ph.D. Program Entry Requirements

Writing Sample: 
Minimum GPA Required?: 
GRE Required?: 
TOEFL Required?: 
Other Requirements: 
Candidates for admission must demonstrate philosophical promise, as measured primarily by letters and by a sample of philosophical written work.


Student Demographics

Master's Tuition (US$ in FTEs)

In State: 
Out of State: 

Master's Program Entry Requirements

Transcripts Required?: 
Writing SampleRequired?: 
GRE Required?: 
GPA Required?: 
TOEFL Required?: 
Other Requirements: 


Summary of Ph.D. Students, 2017

Summary of Ph.D. Students, 2016