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This feature is for registered users only. Please signup today for free.

Welcome to the APA Guide to Graduate Programs in Philosophy. We've transitioned from an annual PDF to a continually updated website. Here, you can browse, search, register, and bookmark your favorite programs. 

Getting started

From the Grad Guide homepage, you can search by keyword, specialization, or location. You can also browse all programs by either clicking the Programs link just below the APA logo, or by clicking the green Search button with all fields blank. If you've already registered for an account, you can log in. Use the Register link at the top if you haven't yet created an account.


The benefit of creating an account is that you can use the bookmarks feature to save your favorite programs for easy access. Your bookmarks will be available via the orange bookmark tab on the right of the screen, or on your My Account page when you're logged in.

Search & sort

When using the Program Search, you can sort and filter your results. Click the Sort button to the right of the Program Search header to reveal the sort options. By default, programs are listed alphabetically.

To search by keyword, specialization, or location, enter your selections and click the green Search button. This is the only time you need to use the search button in order to update the search results. All checkboxes will update the page automatically when selected. For example, if you select "Ph.D." under Degrees Offered, the page will update with Ph.D. programs.

Once you've initiated a search, your search criteria will appear at the top of the gray box, just below the Program Search header. Click the minus sign at the left of a criterion to remove that criterion. To reset the search fully, and show all programs, click the gray Reset button to the right of the green Search button.

Note: In order to search by student demographics, you must first select a degree program under Degrees Offered in the gray box.

You can collapse the gray Filter box by clicking the Filter button next to Program Search.

Searching on multiple criteria

It is possible to search on multiple factors, but in most cases, you can only select one checkbox per header. For example, if you select multiple ranges under Time to Completion, the results will not be meaningful. One notable exception is the Degrees Offered field. You can select both Ph.D. and Terminal Masters, for example.