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Yale University

Academic Year: 
2019 - 2020

Department Name

Department of Philosophy

Department Chair

Verity Harte,
Chair, George A. Saden Prof of Philosophy and Classics

Degrees Offered

Ph.D., Non-Terminal Masters

Areas of Specialization Offered

Value Theory, Ethics, Feminist Philosophy, Social and Political Philosophy, Normative Ethics, Meta-Ethics, Philosophy of Gender, Philosophy of Law, Philosophy of Psychology, Metaphysics and Epistemology, Philosophy of Religion, Metaphysics, Epistemology, Philosophy of Action, Philosophy of Language, Philosophy of Mind, Science Logic and Mathematics, Philosophy of Cognitive Science, Logic, History / Traditions, Early Modern Philosophy (17th & 18th Century), Continental/European Philosophy (including Kant), History of Philosophy, 19th/20th Century Philosophy, Ancient Philosophy

Financial Aid

Teaching Fellowships:
Non-Teaching Fellowships:
Teaching Assistantships:
Students teaching their own classes:
Other Financial Information:
Assuming adequate academic progress, students receive six years of funding three of which are teaching fellowships. The other three involve no teaching obligations.




Program Strengths

In the last PGR, the department received at least a 4 in the following areas: Ancient Philosophy Early Modern Philosophy, 17th century Early Modern Philosophy 18th century Epistemology Meta-ethics & Moral Psychology Normative ethics Philosophy of Language Philosophy of Law

Student Demographics

Degrees Awarded

Ph.D. Tuition (US$ in FTEs)

Number of Required Courses: 
Additional Information: 
Admitted PhD students are offered a tuition fellowship which covers 100% of the tuition. They are also offered a fellowship (as of 2019, $31,800 per year).

Ph.D. Program Entry Requirements

Writing Sample: 
Minimum GPA Required?: 
Letters of Recommendation: 
GRE Required?: 
TOEFL Required?: 
Other Requirements: 
As of 2020 the department no longer requires the GRE.


Student Demographics

Master's Tuition (US$ in FTEs)

In State: 
Out of State: 

Types of Master's

Non-Terminal Master's: 


Summary of PhD Students 2019