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San Francisco State University

Academic Year: 
2016 - 2017

Department Name

Department of Philosophy

Department Chair

Anita Silvers,
Chair, Professor

Degrees Offered

Terminal Masters

Areas of Specialization Offered

Applied Ethics, Environmental Ethics, Bioethics, Feminist Philosophy, Social and Political Philosophy, Philosophy of Law, Metaphysics, Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Medicine, History & Philosophy of Science (HPS), Early Modern Philosophy (17th & 18th Century), Continental/European Philosophy (including Kant), Comparative Philosophy, Asian Philosophy, Ancient Philosophy, Arabic and Islamic Philosophy

Financial Aid

Teaching Fellowships:
Non-Teaching Fellowships:
Teaching Assistantships:
Students teaching their own classes:
Other Financial Information:
In addition to the State University Grants and campus fellowships mentioned above, our department offers two types of scholarships annually: (1) Philosophy Graduate Student Tuition Scholarship, which is awarded to four incoming or first-semester graduate students; and (2) Jason Zarri Scholarship, which is awarded to one student who works on ethics, metaphysics, logic and/or philosophy of religion. Another significant draw of our department is our Graduate Teaching Associate (GTA) program – in which qualified graduate students are paid to teach their own undergraduate philosophy courses. Apartments and single rooms in university housing will be available for graduate students entering Fall '16. As space is limited, students who wish to be eligible to apply when applications for university housing open should submit their Philosophy M.A. applications as early as possible and be sure all needed transcripts have been sent. See our website for more details: .



Anita Silvers, Professor
Bas van Fraassen, Distinguished Professor
Pamela Hood, Associate Professor
Mohammad Azadpur, Professor
Shelley Wilcox, Professor
Alice Sowaal, Associate Professor
Asta Sveinsdottir, Associate Professor
Justin Tiwald, Associate Professor
Isabelle Peshard, Associate Professor
David Landy, Associate Professor
Carlos Montemayor, Associate Professor



Student Demographics

Degrees Awarded

Ph.D. Tuition (US$ in FTEs)

In State: 
Out of State: 

Ph.D. Program Entry Requirements

Writing Sample: 
Minimum GPA Required?: 
GRE Required?: 
TOEFL Required?: 
Other Requirements: 


Program Strengths

SF State's M.A. program in Philosophy has a special mission to provide greater academic opportunities to students who would normally lack the means to acquire them. In addition to a rigorous, graduate-level curriculum, our program is also designed to help students who attended lesser-known undergraduate institutions or received their undergraduate degrees in a discipline other than philosophy. We also stand out for the breadth and diversity of both our faculty and our research strengths. Scholars with national and international reputations teach and mentor in areas such as Philosophy of Science, Feminist Philosophy, Applied Ethics, Political Philosophy, Modern Philosophy, Islamic Philosophy, Chinese Philosophy, Philosophy of Mind, Metaphysics, Ancient Philosophy, and Philosophy of Law.

Student Demographics

Master's Tuition (US$ in FTEs)

In State: 
Number of Required Courses: 
Additional Information: 
33 units are required. Most courses are 3 units, although some can be taken for less.

Master's Program Entry Requirements

Transcripts Required?: 
Writing SampleRequired?: 
GRE Required?: 
GPA Required?: 
TOEFL Required?: 
Other Requirements: 

Types of Master's

Terminal Master's: 
Non-Terminal Master's: 


Summary of Ph.D. Students, 2011 - 2015

Summary of Master's Students, 2011 - 2015